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Astrometry + (Astro)Informatics + (Astro)Statistics + (Astro)Physics ~ Astronomy

You can check some of my research works at NASA/ADS or Google Scholar.

Discovering the Universe, what else?! I have a weak spot for informatics and space astrometry. I like to do it, and to use it, to discover and study probes of Gravity and of the Universe in multiple scales, as quasar gravitational lenses, galaxies, stellar clusters.

I express myself more naturally by constructing new methods (e.g. UPMASK, GraL lens searchGaia's extended object processing) as well as software systems (e.g. the ESA/Gaia Archive Visualization Service). I usually "think together" with methods constructed on top of supervised and unsupervised machine/statistical learning methods to make new discoveries (e.g. lenses, stellar clusters).

Finally, since 2006 I dedicate a large fraction of my time to build the ESA/Gaia space mission and its data releases, to plan the future of space astrometry (e.g. Theia, Gaia?NIR, Toliman), and to craft a multidisciplinary community through COIN, IAA and IAIA.

Research: Sobre
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